Cerebral Palsy

The disability that is incurable yet manageable.

What causes it?

This disability is caused by brain damage which can occur as a result of a bacterial or viral infection, abuse, negligence, medical injury, injury to the brain and a person is also born with the disability.

What recent strides have been made in research and awareness of this disability?

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) is investigating early development of the brain with regards to genetic defects and mishaps. Genetic defects can be the cause of malformations of the brain in babies born with cerebral palsy. Scientist are also researching trauma in newborns such as seizures, blood on the brain, and lack of oxygen and poor circulation as contributing factors in cerebral palsy occurrences.

Interesting facts about this disability.

It does not have a life expectancy so people with this disability can live long and happy lives. Furhtermore, most people with cerebral palsy have average and above average intelligence and attend regular schools not special needs schools.