Plague Strikes War!

by: Stanley Nwosu

It is now the year 430BC we are in the second year of the detrimental Peloponnesian War. If you have not heard of the news yet, let me be the first to tell you that there is a disease that is drastically growing through our city-sates in Athens. We bring you this sad news during this war not to scare and cause stress to you, but to warn and alarm you. We advise everyone that is reading this article to not panic but be careful with what you consume and be aware of the people you are around. We believe that this disease entered Athens in Piraeus, our beloved port and sole source of food and supplies. We asked a fellow works man if he knows anyone who has recently caught the deadly disease, and in a surprise response the man burst out in sadness and crier. He gave us a shocking response, "sadly i do, I got word from a messenger that my brother, who is fighting in war, is infected with it and is at risk of dying." We wished him and his family the best. Just like that mans brother many other brave soldiers are also losing their lives and sadly we can not stop it. No doctors know the source of this disease and no doctors know any remedies that can prevent this disease, but we assure you they are doing everything they can do to kill of this nasty plague. Until then, we beg everyone to stay safe, may there be great fortunes and riches in your future. Goodnight.
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