A worldwide threat

What are drugs?

A drug is a substance that changes the way you act, feel, or think. It is also possible that drugs can change your looks( rashes etc). Drugs are used mainly by some teenagers or adults. Drugs are injected, absorbed, ingested, or inhaled to get into the body.

Why do people do drugs?

People do drugs often because of peer pressure or bulling. Peer pressure is when other people, often friends or acquaintances, pressure you to do something you don t want to do. Bulling effects you to do drugs because you want to seem cool, or because you believe drugs will help you with problems.

These drugs do not help you or make you cooler, they are DANGEROUS

What do drugs look like and how can I avoid them?

Drugs can come in many different forms. Drugs include illegal ones like weed, and non-illegal ones like cigarettes or alcohol. Easy ways to avoid drugs are knowing the impact they have and saying no. The effects of drugs could scare you into not doing them. Saying no can be used when you are offered a drug.

Little things count

If you don t do drugs you can still help the world put an end to drugs. If someone you know (friend, family member) does drugs, help them by telling them what could happen or not to do them. You can t force them to stop but you can influence them. Strive for change.