The old lady who was a dragon

by Tamara

Paragraph 1

Once upon a time far far away lived a king and Queen. They live in a beautiful castle they wanted a baby girl but they didn't have one. The Queen said, " If I had a baby I will be happy but we don't have one I wish I had a baby " then a fairy godmother came to the Queen and the Queen said, " who are you and why you are here" The fairy godmother said, ''I am your fairy godmother and you said that you wanted a baby girl" "yes!", shouted the Queen the King and Queen were happy about it.

Paragraph 2

Two days ago the Queen was having a baby but the king found out that the Queen needed the golden flower. At the forest lived an old lady but she wasn't a normal old lady, she was a bad dragon. She kept the golden flower for herself and she had a tattoo on her face. At the castle the King was worried that the Queen wouldl die then he remembered to find the golden flower, so he asked the guards to find it.

Part 3

The guard found the golden flower in a big and long tower. So the King was delighted to find the golden flower so he put the golden flower in a bowl and poured some water in it. And the Queen drank it then a baby girl came out. She had yellow, long hair and Green eyes. At the tower the old lady was very, very, very mad and she said to her self,

" I will kidnap the girl at midnight".

Part 4

At the ball room they had a big feast and they invited lots of family, friends, villagers and kings and Queens. At the end they made lanterns to be happy at the feast. At midnight the old lady turned into a dragon and flew to the King and Queen's room where they had the baby. She turned back to normal and held the baby and jumped and turned back into a dragon and flew to the tower.

Part 5

The next day the Queen screamed loud and the king asked the Queen," What is the matter?"

"Someone has kidnapped our daughter Rapunzel!" shouted the queen. The king shouted, "Guards, we must find Rapuinzel!". So the guards got on their horses and went to search in Villages and the forest. At the tower Rapunzel was playing with a her pet lizard and the old lady was cooking breakfast.

Paragraph 6

When Rapunzel was nearly 18 years old her birthday was tomorrow and she was so excited. "I want to see the lanterns up in the sky for my birthday gift. I will paint the lanterns I see". And she did and when she finished painting the old lady came back. She said,"Rapunzel let down your hair." Rapunzel said," I want to go to see the lanterns". The old lady said," No! No! No! No! it is dangerous! Go to bed." Rapunzel was thinking about her birthday gift.

Paragraph 7

At 6.00am the old lady snuck into a hidden room under ground. At the castle there were 3 brothers; one was Flynn Rider and two were Stabbington. They stole the crown, it was the Princess Rapunzel's crown. Then when the Guards came out they ran as fast as they could.Then the 3 brothers went to a tree and a the tree had a sign about three brothers. At the top was Flynn Rider and He said, "they cant get my nose right." Then they hid. In the under ground room the old lady said," Make it night!" It was night then everyone slpept.