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Hidden Lakes and Heritage Elementary

EXCEL with the Super Seven!

We have been threading our Super Seven skills in our GT classes this year with much success. Students across the grade levels are using these super seven skills to help them self-reflect and to create goals for future growth. The Super Seven skills are: Growth Mindset, Curiosity, Communication, Collaboration, Ethics, Critical Thinking, and Autonomy.

Hour of Code

All classes will participate Dec. 7 - Dec. 10 with the Hour of Code.


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What are we working on in GT class?

Fourth Grade

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The fourth grade classes have been working on a project designed to support their learning on bridge construction. The fourth graders are exploring force and motion, geometric principles, and financial literacy to apply knowledge to form a building company to design and construct their own bridge.


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Kindergarten Nomination Deadline

Friday, Dec. 4th, 3:30pm