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Our Government

Australia's formal name is the Commonwealth of Australia.The form of government used in Australia is a constitutional monarchy- 'constitutional' because the powers or procedures of the Australian Government are defined by a written constitution, and 'monarchy' because Australia's head of state is queen Elizabeth 11.
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Map of Australia

This is a map of Australia.
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History Of Federation

Australia became a independent country on 1 of January 1901. The British parliament passed legislation allowing the six Australian colonies to govern in their own right as part of the commonwealth of Australia.

Symbols and Emblems

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The population of Australia is 23,344,735

Prime Minister

Tony Abbott became the prime minister in 2013, and has been the leader of the liberal party since 2009.
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The three arms of the Australian government

The three arms of the Australian government are:

  • The legislature is responsible for debating and voting on new laws to be introduced.
  • The executive is responsible for enacting and upholding the laws established by the legislature. Certain members of the legislature (called ministers) are also members of the executive, with special responsibilities for certain areas of the law.
  • The judiciary is the legal arm of the Australian government. It is independent of the other two arms, and is responsible for enforcing the laws and deciding the whether the other two arms are acting within their powers.

The Australian constitution

The Australian constitution is one set of rules by which Australia is run.

The NSW premier

The NSW premier is Mike Baird
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The parliament of Australia is also named as the parliament of the commonwealth. It is made up of a total of 226 people.

The Senate

The senate is one of the two houses of the Australian federal parliament. It consists of 76 senators, twelve of each of the six states and two from each of the mainland territories. It shares the power to make laws with the other side of the parliament, the house of representatives.

The house of representitives

The house of representatives is one of the two houses of Australia's commonwealth parliament. The house of representatives is the house in which government is formed. There are 150 representatives elected by Australian people.

Courts, Bills and Laws

Court: A court is a place where people go when they have done something wrong.The judge gets to decide what punishment the criminal gets.

Bills: A bill is a proposal for a law or a change to a existing law.

Laws: A law is a set of rules that people have to follow.


An election is something where people get to vote on who gets to lead.

Political Parties

Political parties are parties that go against each other in elections they are :

Liberal, Labor, The greens, The nationals, and the Palmer united party, the most popular parties are the Labor and the Liberal.

Local Council

The local council is responsible for collecting all of the garbage and fixing the road if there is a hole in it.