Please read and share with all classes.

Computers and Digital Devices

The computers and digital devices in the library, the upstairs computer pod, and the classroom are shared by all students in our school. In order to keep everything running smoothly and to avoid costly accidents, we need to treat our technology carefully and respectfully.

Follow these guidelines when using school computers or digital devices:

1. Keep food and drinks away from computers and other technology. Even a small spill can destroy a computer or device.

2. If possible, wash your hands before using the computer. It's healthier for everyone who is sharing the keyboard.

3. Clean up the desktop. Files or picture clippings should be put in the trash and deleted before logging out.

4. Use a memory stick to save your files instead of leaving them on the desktop. There is no guarantee your work will be there next time.

5. Printing should occur only after permission is given by your teacher. Check the printer number carefully. Print only once, then wait patiently. If your work doesn't print, ask your teacher to help you.

6. Use headphones any time there is sound that will be distracting to others.

7. Work quietly and efficiently, following the teacher's instructions. You should only be visiting the sites provided by your teacher.

8. School computers and devices are the property of the school. Therefore, do not personalize the computer by changing the desktop picture or background.

9. Inform your teacher right away if you notice anything unusual or if your computer isn't working properly.

10. When you are finished using a computer or device, tidy up your work area and return everything to its proper location. Make sure to push in the chairs in the computer lab.

BYOD Guidelines

PERSONAL DEVICE RESPONSIBLE USE GUIDELINES: Please read our guidelines about the use of personal digital devices at school.

The following documents have been developed to support Digital Citizenship and responsible use of technology in our classrooms.