Exploring Space

The ultimate space experience of your life!

What this trip includes:

The planets we will be visiting and having amazing experiences on will be the moon, Jupiter and Saturn. On your amazing trip to the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn you will be in total comfort with the luxury leather seats. You will be able to recline in your choice heated or non heated seat. For breakfast, lunch and dinner there will be something different everyday made by our award winning chef. This trip has been rated by previous people that it is a 5 star event.

An Outerspace Experience!

Thursday, June 27th 2013 at 9pm

45 Crown St

Brisbane, QLD

To be able to go on this experience you need to meet at the address above 1 hour before we depart. This is because the trip will take a very long time and we would want to expect to land on the moon in the early morning so that we can have the rest of the day to do exciting things on the moon!