Collins' Corner

March 21, 2016

Important Dates

March 25 - No School

March 25 - April 3 - Spring Break

April 4 - Report cards go home

April 8 - April 13 - Factory Days for Spring Market

April 8 - Spring Fling (5:00 - 8:00)

April 14 - Early Release Day

April 15 - Spring Market Shopping Day

Second Grade PTO Performance

All second graders will perform Tuesday night at the PTO meeting. Students will meet in the gym at 6:45pm dressed in blue. If they have a blue LMES shirt they can wear it, but it is not required.

Please note...

  • Spring pictures and/or money are due back April 8th.

Spring Market

We are in need of the following supplies for our Spring Market. If you are able to donate any of these items before Spring Market begins, please send them in with your child.

1. multi-colored transparent pony beads and tri-beads

2. aluminum craft wire

3. face paint

Language Arts

  • This week the spelling lesson teaches open and closed syllables. When a syllable ends with a long vowel sound, it is an open syllable (pa per), and when a syllable has a short vowel and ends with a consonant (win ter) it is a closed syllable. The spelling test this week will be on Thursday.
  • This week we will discuss compound words.


This week we are measuring with centimeters and meters and will learn how to convert between the two measurements. We will also begin learning how to measure on a number line.

There will not be a fact test this week. Fact tests will resume after Spring Break. Please continue to help your child study their addition and subtraction facts.

Social Studies/Science

This week we will continue to discuss goods and services and producers and consumers. We will also fill out job applications for our upcoming Spring Market. Please return the volunteer form if you are able to help with the Spring Market.