Social Benefits

For the Hotel and Community


When a hotel changes its policies around the hotel to bring about a more environmentally friendly place to stay it brings many social benefits.

For example: An hotel could bring a new competitive edge, enhance the property's image, increase the health of employees, create a sense of pride in the community and hotel, and have loyal happy customers.

Green Alternatives

Some of these environmentally friendly alternatives like fluorescent lights, low-water flow in bathrooms, and local products produce many of the benefits seen above.

Fluorescent Lights

When a hotel switches to fluorescent lights it becomes in a sense "brighter" around the hotel. The hotel benefits by saving energy, which can be put into other aspects of the hotel. Plus, customers will be pleased with the sight of the bulb, and admire that the hotel is conscious of the environment.
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Low Water Flow

A low water flow system in the bathrooms of hotels helps save water for other people that need it around the world. It also benefits the hotels by saving them money and reducing energy.
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Local Products

Local products add a sense of culture to your stay at a hotel. It improves the health of your customers and the environment when you use the home grown products compared to big brand name products. Plus, it costs less to buy and transport locally made products.
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Using green alternatives draws a lot of attention for a hotel. It will bring new and loyal customers, lots of media attention, and some possible awards. It also shows your business is willing to make the sacrifices to stay green.
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