India Caste System

The India System

About the India Caste system

The India Caste system is a system that is socially differentiated through class, religion, region, tribe, gender, and language. The Caste system is used in different ways in our way of life. Us people sort people from group to group. Example we may sort people by the Jocks, Nerds, and maybe bullies. We can use the Caste system daily, just not the same as India. The people in the Caste System are classified according to job and there access to wealth, power, and privileges. There was pretty much always a Caste System in place but the India Caste system was created in 1500BC. It was maid after the Aryans arrived in India.


The untouchable is the lowest class in the India Cast System. They are on the bottom of the Cast system and they are not supposed to be touched by anybody that are above them. Most dogs are treated better than the Untouchables, they also get some of the work jobs in india. For example they scoop up dung patties for fuel.


The Sudra's where only given 1 job, to serve the members of the twice born caste. Sudra's have a task for pollution, such as leather working, getting rid of trash and cleaning the wearables. Many Sudras became wealthy people in farming and artisans.


The Vaishya's job was farms and cattle. The Vaishya's also do trading, for example they bring there farm products to the market and lend money to keep the business going. The Vaishya's are also a twice born caste. They are marketer and live of the money they make by selling there goods.


The Kshatryia's job is to keep invaders and thieves out of India. They are expected to be brave and big minded. The Kshatryias must study the ancient Hindu scriptures under the guidance of a Brahman teacher. They are expected to follow rules of ritual purity that the Brahman caste observes.