December 2012 Status Update

Prepared by Sheridan Reiger

Events for December and January

December 22 (past): Sheridan and Ben go on Virtual trip from Pescadero, CA

Jan 8: Fundraising Meeting

Jan 9: Board Meeting

January 31: Programming meeting with x-tina

Mid-Feb: Quarterly Dinner at tom Garlands

Valentines Day Weekend: Fundraiser for "young people"

Programming Updates

  • Programming Calls: During the last virtual trip, Sheridan, Ben, and Jeff decided that all future monthly programming calls will have our head promotora Cristina on the call so as to improve communication and be more productive. These calls will be in Spanish.
  • AMOS: Have not heard much lately. Sheridan is looking to go back down to Nicaragua before June and is currently analyzing data from the community of La Consulta.
  • HTN Eval: In the final stages of analysis and finalizing text.
  • Volunteer Promotores: Working with Cristina to develop a program proposal for stipend reimbursed community health workers to have a low cost work force that can effectively work on community education and chronic disease management support.
  • Diabetes group in Punta Ocote: Still waiting to see what will happen with getting better connected with the Ministry of Health as there seems to be inadequate local demand in Punta Ocote. Might want to consider piloting the group in La Guacamaya.
  • Personaria Judirica: Nothing new to report, but working on getting a piece of paper through a series of embassies.

In the US Updates

  • Executive director/leadership transition: this is a big topic that we need to resolve by JUNE OF THIS YEAR. Will be discussed at length at the board meeting on the 9th and will necessitate the formation of a committee and the hiring of a new employee in the US.
  • Valentines day fundraiser
  • Website: We are very thankful to Alex Knapp for donating over 100 hours of his time to the website! It is very easy to manage and therefore we will only need to call on Alex for larger changed in the future.
  • New board members: We need some. This is not to say we are getting rid of anyone, but we do need to strengthen certain capabilities on the board before Sheridan transitions away from or modifies his current role in June. This will have to be part of the leadership transition discussion.
  • Quarterly Dinners: Tom has offered to host the next one in February. Currently finalizing the date of the event. Should be great.


  1. Ben did a great job of helping us to transition our in-Honduras Finances (getting Corina to handle moeny instead of Franklin), and also in the US Tom and Bob have stepped up and facilitated a smooth book keeper transition.
  2. Got several tremendous New Board Members
  3. Finally formed a Fundraising Committee
  4. Started work in Nicaragua
  5. With the help of Jeff and James Lang, we developed a package of Diabetes Materials ready for roll out in the appropriate place

5 Things To Do In 2013

  1. Transition ED and hire new employee
  2. Better Develop Work in Nicaragua
  3. Improve reporting in Honduras (financial and CHW)
  4. Board Recruitment
  5. Personaria Judirica

Financial Picture

  • Tom and Bob will cover this in the coming board meeting
  • Thanks to all the board members who have donated
  • In kind donation of professional time for our website development by Alex Knapp equals $5000-$8000. This balances our on-the-board/off-the-board issue!