James Richards - 5W

Lots of kids want to play hockey but not everyone can afford it. I am helping kids who want to play who can't afford it.


For my project, I chose to help kids who want to play hockey who otherwise can’t afford it. I am doing this because I love hockey myself, but it can be expensive - especially league fees and all of the equipment. I have been playing in the Springfield hockey league for two years now and I think everyone deserves to play hockey if they want to.


After doing research I found the perfect organization to support right in my backyard: the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation.

The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation was created by Philadelphia Flyers Chairman Ed Snider in 2005 as his personal commitment to teach children important life lessons. Using the sport of hockey, the mission of Snider Hockey is to build lives and unite communities, helping educate young people to succeed in the game of life. Snider Hockey programs are provided at no cost and are focused on underserved boys and girls who otherwise would not have the opportunity to play, with an emphasis on character development, life skills, fitness, nutrition, and academics.
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This is what I did.