Innocent Children Work Like Mules

1905 By: Jenna Young

Horrible Working Conditions Lead to Millions Of Children Working In Factories

In 1905 about 1.7 million children worked in factories. Ages ranging from 10-15 years old. Just like the adults, these innocient children worked 14-16 hours a day. The hours get expand to about 72 hours a week, leaving the children working no time for school or other activities. The factories they worked at could vary. the most common were coal mines, textiles, and glass factories. These harsh working conditions lead many injuries including cuts from glass in the glass factories, and the thick dust in the mining factories damaged their lungs and causing illness.
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Follow Up

Many changes were made including the 1938 standards act. The standards act put limit on wages and hours. It also put limitations on child labor. When put in effect the employment of children under 16 years old was prohibited in mining and manufacturing factories.