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April 2022


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Announcing our MarchTerrific Tigers representing HONESTY! This month's deserving students are Samantha & Keely (grade 6), Azayah & Aaliyah (grade 5), Sophya & Logan (grade 4), Julianna & Grayson (grade 3), Violet & Knightly (grade 2), Teigan & Bryaden (grade 1) and Libby & Brock (kindergarten)! When you see them, please congratulate them on being such positive influences in our school family!

April's PAWS-itive Character Trait Is...


The PAWS-ITIVE Character Trait for the month of April is PERSEVERANCE.

Perseverance in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Principal for a Day

Students with more than 200 Tiger Points were put into a drawing to be Principal for the Day. This month's winner is Leland Whitman from Grade 5 ! He will serve as the Principal for the Day when we return from break! While serving as Principal for the Day, he will get to read the morning announcements, carry a radio, wear a name badge, visit with classes and sit in on meetings and shadow me for the day. I hope that the experience will prompt one of my assistants to choose education as a career.

Tiger Point Tallying

WOW! We are really racking up the Tiger Points around here!

Kindergarten - 20,988

Grade 1 - 22,228

Grade 2 - 19,309

Grade 3 - 14,623

Grade 4 - 16,024

Grade 5 - 15,316

Grade 6 - 14,546


2021-2022 PBiS Goal

Did you know that as of April 8, 2022 82% of our students have one or fewer behavior referrals? 362 out of our 444 students have received one or fewer behavior referrals for discipline thanks to our school-wide support and commitment to PBiS (Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports)! Our students are making great choices and learning quickly to avoid repeating bad ones!

Our overall goal is to have 82% or more of our kids receive one or fewer minor/major behavior referrals this school year. We are on track to meet that ambitious and worthwhile goal!

Family Literacy Night

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Camp Read-a-Lot

Join us on Thursday, May 5 beginning at 6:00PM for Camp Read-a-Lot! You and your child will have a chance to share a yummy treat, read some great stories together and receive wonderful reading resources that will help you and your child at home! The form pictured above will be coming home with your child from school very soon. If you are interested, send the form back to school to secure your campsite!


Kindergarten Parent Information 2022-2023
We have now opened kindergarten registration for the 2022-2023 school year! We request that if your child is eligible for kindergarten (turning 5 on or before August 31, 2022) that you complete a registration packet. You can find the forms here, stop in and pick up a packet from our main office, or call us and request that we drop one in the mail for you.

To welcome incoming kindergarten students, we also have the evenings of May 17, 18 and 19 from 5:00 -7:00PM set aside for welcome appointments. We ask that each family sign up for a 30 minute slot for us to get to know your child better! These sessions really help us to create balanced and fair class lists each year to ensure that everyone have a successful start to their Maplewood schooling experience. You can sign up for a session by clicking here.

Please contact us with any questions by calling (814)337-1659 or emailing MESOffice@penncrest.org

Family Night: Weather & Climate Premiers April 22!

Family Night Weather and Climate is a one-hour TV program designed for Kindergarten through fifth-grade students and their families.

Viewers will:

  • Learn about weather and climate and why these fields are essential
  • Hear from people who have exciting careers related to weather and climate
  • Have a chance to put their new knowledge to work in fun, hands-on activities during the program - no special tools or supplies needed

Watch on your local
Pennsylvania PBS station on Friday, April 22!


MES Makerfaire 2022
Thanks to everyone that came to our MakerFaire that was held on on March 23 to check out student work and catch up! The kids were so excited to show you what they proudly made and we so appreciate you showing up and sharing in that excitement with them! A huge thank you to the event's main organizers, Mrs. Walton and Mrs. Shaffer, and to Mr. Bryant, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Nageotte, Miss Prato, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Barickman and Mrs. Marshall for helping to set up and show off student creations. We look forward to making our MakerFaire an annual tradition!


We're Off to States!

On Friday, March 24 we sent our wrestling state qualifiers out with style! Check out Isaac, Hunter, Landon & Aaliyah's clap out in the video above!

After their clap out, they traveled to Pittsburgh to participate in the Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling State Championship. Way to make MES proud!

Junior Achievement's BizTown

On Friday, March 18 MES's Grade 5 students traveled to Pittsburgh to participate in JA BizTown! Our 5th graders have been gearing up for this trip with a series of lessons that have been integrated into their classrooms by Mrs. Doubet, Mr. Peters and Mrs. Tracy. They picked jobs and prepared for interviews to get ready! It looks like they were well prepared and had a great time!

BizTown is an opportunity that combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to a simulated town. This popular program allows elementary school students to operate banks, manage restaurants, write checks, and vote for mayor. The program helps students connect the dots between what they learn in school and the real world.



In April, we are finishing up our unit being avid non-fiction readers and using our play dates correctly.

In phonics, we are working on word parts being great readers using our onset/rime skills.

In math, we will be working on our measurement unit(length, height, weight).

In writing, we will begin our persuasive writing unit. In science, we will be discussing "Earth Day" and how to recycle, reduce and reuse.

Grade 1

In first grade, we are continuing to build a strong foundation of reading, writing, and math skills for our young students. For phonics, students are focusing on learning from their reading/writing mistakes AKA “bloopers” and growing into even stronger readers & writers. In math, we are beginning to learn how to tell time to the nearest hour and half-hour. Then we will be switching into learning how to read and create bar/picture graphs. Students will also be finishing up their opinion writing pieces and celebrating our writing accomplishments this month.

Grade 2

Second grade is working on measuring length in inches in math and will be moving into measuring length in centimeters. In reading, we are wrapping up reading longer books and learning about story elements. We will be moving into reading series books. In phonics, we are finishing up building and demolishing multisyllabic words. Our next unit is word collectors; students will be learning about compound words, prefixes, and suffixes. We have finished up our poetry unit and are going to begin writing book reviews.

Grade 3

Reading- The students completed their Mystery Unit and have started working on their next unit which focuses on Nonfiction. We will be incorporating some Social Studies topics such as the different types of communities, into this unit.

Writing- The students completed their MIni TDA Unit and we are currently analyzing a variety of texts and writing to different prompts to help prepare for the upcoming PSSA Tests. On Fridays, we take a break from PSSA writing and have the students work on creative writing. They absolutely love this type of writing and their stories are fabulous.

Math- The students completed the Perimeter, Area and Telling Time Unit and we are moving into our Geometry Unit. After geometry, we will focus on measurement and money.

Second Step- We finished our Second Step Program. We now have to put what we have learned into practice each day.

Grade 4

Science - we are studying light and sound waves. The speed of light is roughly 300,000 km/sec (186,000 miles/sec). The speed of sound is about 761 mph, or 1100 feet/second. We can use this knowledge to approximately determine how far away a lightning strike has occurred.

Social Studies - we are studying the history of the United States including The Declaration of Independence and the role George Washington played as the General of the Revolutionary War for independence from Britain.

Math - we are continuing our work with fractions and learning how to turn them into decimals. Next, we will be relating the fractions and decimals to money. By month’s end we will be introducing Geometry with lines and angles.

In Writing, students are working on a text dependent analysis. They will be analyzing a text, and working to respond to a question about the text. They will be citing evidence from the text, and explaining why their evidence is important to the overall answer they have chosen.

In Reading, students are finishing their unit on Historical Fiction. They will begin to work on target ELA skills, to help with analysis and authors craft within texts of all genres.

Grade 5

In writing students are working on mastering Text Dependent Analysis essays and how to organize them for success. We will be looking at some test taking strategies and how to score essays that are already written. After the PSSAs, we will be discovering and writing some memoirs. In math we will be finishing up geometry this week and then we will be reviewing for PSSA testing. Along with reviewing, we will be practicing calculator skills and test taking strategies. In reading students will be practicing for the PSSA using reading, word solving, and grammar skills and strategies. Social Studies will be leading us up to the Civil War in preparation for the Bucktails visit next month. In science, we will be looking at Energy and Food and discussing Earth Day.

Grade 6

In Reading and Writing, students will read a variety of texts and listen to and view media as they discuss the Essential Question of the “Modern Technology” Unit - How is modern technology helpful and harmful to society? Students will consider concepts relating to how technology has benefited people and consider criticism about how it has changed our relationships to one another.

In social studies, students are learning about World War II, including how the U.S. was drawn into the war to defend itself following the attack on Pearl Harbor, as well as the anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Students will soon move on to learning about the Cold War.

In Math, students will continue to work on geometry. We will focus on finding the area of parallelograms, surface area, and volume. Then we will review analyzing data through graphs and charts, as well as finding the mean, median, mode, and range of the data.

In Science, students will begin the month by celebrating National Robotics Week. The classes will study the behaviors of robotic mBots in order to understand how autonomous or self-driving cars stay on the road and avoid obstacles. They will finish the week by building their own bristle bots that they will then get to keep and take home. The rest of the month, the classes will explore the theories of continental drift, Pangaea, and plate tectonics.


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Class Dojo

Connect with your child's teacher on Class Dojo! We are school-wide and all homeroom teachers from MES are set up to communicate with families through this fabulous tool! Keep in mind that if you need to speak to an MES staff member who works with ALL students (principal, school counselor, GIST or a special area teacher), you will need to contact them through their email as Class Dojo works best for family to classroom teacher communication. If you are looking for your child's teacher, find them in our Class Dojo teacher directory!

School Messenger

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Digital Backpack

Worried that a note from school didn't make it home? Check out our Digital Backpack to see if you've missed any announcements, news or opportunities!

Our Students ROAR!

We LOVE having the opportunity to help our students succeed and we're very proud of them for repeatedly making the right choices. We hope you are as excited as we are about the great work that the students have been doing. Our recent SWPBiS evaluation confirms what we already know..... MES is PAWS-itively the best!