LPAC End Of Year Part 1

Linda Torres-Rangel: Director Language and Parent Services


  • Summer School Information - Tina Dugan
  • 2015 End of Year Checklist
  • Exit Criteria Chart
  • Exit Letters
  • LEP and Dual Language Reclassification Document
  • Parent Notification Letters
  • EOY LEP Status Update Spreadsheets

2015 LPAC End of Year Checklist

With your table group make an LPAC End of the Year Checklist

Compare to the LPAC EOY Checklist

What was missed?/ What questions?/Suggestions?

  • PCG LPAC Summary Reports will need to be run AFTER the TELPAS scores come in
  • Start looking to see who is going to meet EXIT criteria
  • Start Planning EOY LPACS for PK
  • K-2nd graders whom will not be exited can start on EOY LPACs once TELPAS scores are populated into PCG
  • 1st and 2nd graders will possibly be exited - a spreadsheet with request to test theese students will be given to the campuses
  • Language Testing Staff will go to campuses in order to tests students with a norm-referenced tests

Educational History Comments

Middle School & High School Transitions

There are 4 sheets

  • Regular Exits
  • Modified Special Ed Exit Criteria
  • F to S
  • S to MC

EXIT Letters

Parent Notification Letters

  • Parent Notification Letters can be found in PCG
  • Print letters for all LEP students
  • Middle School World Languages Coordinator - Enid Sierra
  • High School World Languages Coordinator - Kristina Kintz-Feldner

PCG End of Year Procedures - EXITS

  • Follow instructions on changing update rubrics into Exit rubrics
  • DO NOT create another Rubric
  • Only time a student will have two rubrics is when they enter into the district for the first time
  • ONLY one rubric per year

2015 EOY LEP Status Update Forms

LEP & Dual Language Reclassification Document