LaCoste Elementary Newsletter

2022-2023 School Year / Week of Oct. 3rd - 7th

From the Front Office:

Thank you for attending our open house. Our students and teachers are proud of the progress that students are showing in the classroom.

Deliveries (which includes cupcakes for birthday celebrations).

Except in emergencies, delivery of messages or packages to students will not be allowed during instructional time. A parent may leave a message or a package, such as a forgotten lunch, for the student to pick up from the front office during a passing period or lunch.

Regular school attendance is essential.

Our first bell rings at 7:40 and ends at 3:10.

Absences from class may result in serious disruption of a student’s education. The student and parent should avoid unnecessary absences. Please make every effort to to bring your child to school each day. Attendance is critical to the educational success of your child.

Two important state laws—one dealing with compulsory attendance and the other with how attendance affects the award of a student’s final grade or course credit—are discussed below.

Compulsory Attendance

Prekindergarten and Kindergarten

Students enrolled in prekindergarten or kindergarten are required to attend school and are subject to the compulsory attendance requirements as long as they remain enrolled.

Ages 6–18

State law requires that a student who is at least six years of age, or who is younger than six years of age and has previously been enrolled in first grade, and who has not yet reached their 19th birthday, shall attend school, as well as any applicable accelerated instruction program, extended-year program, or tutorial session, unless the student is otherwise excused from attendance or legally exempt.

State law requires a student in kindergarten–grade 2 to attend any assigned accelerated reading instruction program. Parents will be notified in writing if their child is assigned to an accelerated reading instruction program based on a diagnostic reading instrument.

A student will be required to attend any assigned accelerated instruction program before or after school or during the summer if the student does not meet the passing standards on the state assessment for his or her grade level and/or applicable subject area.

Compulsory Attendance—Failure to Comply

School employees must investigate and report violations of the compulsory attendance law.

A student absent without permission from school, any class, any required special program, or any required tutorial will be considered in violation of the compulsory attendance law and subject to disciplinary action.

Ages 6–18

When a student ages 6–18 incurs three or more unexcused absences within a four-week period, the law requires the school to send notice to the parent.

The notice will:

  • Remind the parent of his or her duty to monitor the student’s attendance and require the student to attend school;
  • Request a conference between school administrators and the parent; and
  • Inform the parent that the district will initiate truancy prevention measures, including a behavior improvement plan, school-based community service, referrals to counseling or other social services, or other appropriate measures.

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Counselor's Corner

I will finish up my lessons on self regulation and coping strategies soon.

PK - I read the book, “I’m Feeling Macaroni & Cheese,” and discuss feelings. Students had the opportunity to name their color a silly name and worked on their fine motor skills with coloring.

K - I talked about emotions and the different Zones of Regulation. Students listened to “The Color Monster,” and identified which zone the feelings are in. They also chose their top 3 feelings they have the most and completed a feelings page. Students also learned different coping strategies.

1st - I talked about emotions and the different Zones of Regulation. Students listened to “Even Superheroes Have Bad Days” and a discussion was held on making good choices with strong feelings. Students drew themselves as superheroes and named a strategy they can try to help calm themselves.

2nd - I talked about emotions and the different Zones of Regulation. Students identified different feelings and sorted them into which zone they fall in. Students heard the story of “Niko Draws A Feeling” and a discussion was held about other types of strategies to calm.

3rd-5th - I talked about emotions and the different Zones of Regulation. Several coping strategies will be shared. We then played Coping Skills Bingo and students learned how the strategies are useful and in the different zones.

We will be hosting volunteer firefighters this week. Students will learn about fire safety. This is a great time to talk to your child about a fire safety plan and replace batteries in your fire detecting devices in your home.

We continue to be available to all students upon request. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact us at the emails listed below, or use the attached form.

Talking Time Counseling Request Form

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Leader in Me

Check out Emotions At Home (Week 2).

Here are the affirmations, in case you missed it last week!

leaders of the month - September

Caught Being a Leader!

Click HERE to see this week's leaders!

Students cannot only be caught being a leader at school by staff, but also at home by you! If you see your child exhibiting any of the habits on their own without prompting, fill out this form! Examples: Habit 3: Put First Things First - Your child went to a quiet area in your home and began doing their homework without being told. Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood - Your child listened to their sibling’s point of view during an argument, understood why their sibling was upset, and did not push their own opinion of what happened or interrupt.

Students that are caught being a leader will have their name announced on the morning announcements and will be able to choose a charm for their Leader In Me Chain. Students proudly wear their chains to our Campus Awards.

CLICK HERE to tell us about how you caught your leader using their habits at home!

Leaders Wanted!

We want to showcase our LaCoste leaders in our trophy case on campus. We’d like to showcase students that are leaders OUTSIDE of school. Is your child proactive with the Girl Scouts or Boys Scouts? Does your child synergize with cousins in raising animals for the stock show? Maybe your child is part of a youth group that helps in picking up trash on the weekends? Capture a picture and send it to us! Please indicate your child’s name and what organization they are a part of.

PTO Corner

What another wonderful week at LCE! Our Big Kahuna catalog sale has ended but we are still excepting online sales for another week. Our students have done an amazing job so far and we are on track to surpass last years numbers. We would like to thank all of our parents and guardians for helping their students sale and learn new life skills. Please stay tuned for our pick up day.

We are still doing our PTO membership drive for another week. The first class to reach 100% per grade level by Sept 30 will win a pizza party hosted by PTO. Its easy to join, follow the link below.

Our “Pink Out” Shirt sale has ended and we cannot thank everyone enough for all the love and support we have received to be able to help one of our own continue there journey through Breast Cancer. We will be presenting our recipient with a check at our October PTO meeting.

Dates to remember:

Oct 13- PTO meeting and Fire Prevention Presentation by Medina County ESD 1 fire fighters, they will have truck there for the kids to see and touch and fun activities for kids of all ages.

Oct. 18- LCE Picture Day. Come volunteer and put a smile on our students faces!

Oct. 28- Volunteer opportunities, details to come.

Spirit Shirts and Membership

Want to Volunteer? Check out the flier below!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Right At School - Upcoming Full Day Camps - 10/10 & 10/31

Camp Day Info:

  • Camp will be held at Potranco Elementary

  • Hours: 6:30am-6:00pm

  • Snacks are provided - Lunch must be provided by the parents

  • Registration is open now on our website!

Breakfast/Lunch Menus

Visit to fill out the Free/Reduced Lunch Application

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Homecoming Dress Up Week Slideshow

Click here to see pictures of the students and staff that participated in our Homecoming Dress Up Week!

Our LCE Announcement Crew started this week

The student Lighthouse team members gave a tour to our new students

Dr Wood's second graders are using place value and the standard algorithm to add and subtract two digit numbers.

Ms. Tenayuca's class put first things first

Mrs. frank's Students practiced cursive and skip counting during indoor recess

Coach's Corner


Combined with exercise and stretching. We are working on their conditioning for running. We reviewed our safety procedures in the case of an evacuation and or lockdown at the campus. We utilized the scooter boards to help with their conditioning and to help use other muscles in their arms and legs.


Combined with exercise and stretching. We are working on their conditioning for running. We reviewed our safety procedures in the case of an evacuation and or lockdown at the campus. We utilized the scooter boards to help with their conditioning and to help use other muscles in their arms and legs.

We will always work with you regarding if your child or children need to sit out in PE due to a medical reason. A note must be provided for documentation. There will be activities we do in PE that may be difficult. We are just wanting the students to try their best and with practice they will get better. If they do not try they will not get better.

Caught Reading

Parents can also submit their child for the drawing if they catch them reading at home!

Caught Reading!

LaCoste Elementary students often go above and beyond! With that in mind, we love to acknowledge when they do. Reading is an important everyday activity. It shows great examples of the Leadership Habits we know are the foundation of our success. We like to “Catch Students Reading”. Examples of that would be; students independently choosing to read as a leisure activity or students achieving a reading goal they had set for themselves, like finishing their first chapter book or reading their first book independently. Parents can also "Catch Students Reading" at home! Please click the button below to submit your child's name for the drawing.

Each week a name is randomly drawn from those submissions. Their name is displayed on a bulletin board in the library, given a prize for their accomplishment, mentioned in our morning campus announcements and posted in our Parent Newsletter.


You can be a star when you get caught reading!

Upcoming Events

Oct. 10th - No School - Columbus Day

Oct 12th - Fire Safety Presentation by LaCoste Fire Department

Oct. 17th - 21st - National School Bus Safety Week

Oct. 17th - Progress Report Posted / GT Parent Night 5:30pm - 6:00pm

Oct. 18th - Fall Individual Picture Day

Oct. 24th - 28th - Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 28th - Fall Fun Day Sponsored by PTO/ 2nd Grade Field Trip

Oct. 31st - No School/Staff Work Day

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