My Hands Are Orange!

Our Visit to the Science Lab

Math and Science With Pumpkins

On Wednesday, we started with reading How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? and predicted how many seeds were in our big pumpkin. We went to the science lab to explore a pumpkin. We measured the outside and weighed it. We had lots of fun, got dirty, and then found our answer!

Going to the Science Lab is a big deal! The lab is mostly used by third and fourth grade. Whenever your child talks about going to the Science Lab, talk it up with them. Reinforce how important it is to follow directions and act like a big kid when we are in there.

Digging In!

Sorting and Counting

The kids sorted the seeds from the pumpkin guts and started making groups of ten.

We learned from the book we read that it is much faster to count by tens then twos or fives. That's how we found out how many seeds there were. Every table put all their seeds into groups of ten.

We had lots of fun counting.

Some kids were so fast at putting the seeds into groups of ten that they made shapes with the seeds.

Our Big Pumpkin had 556 seeds inside!

When we left...

Mrs. Wilson counted the seeds in the small pumpkin. It had 304 seeds inside. That was pretty awesome considering the size difference.

A Shout Out To...

Mr. and Mrs. Magallon for donating the pumpkins.

Mrs. Wilson for volunteering to help with our math/science project.

In Conclusion

The kids did so much better in the lab this time. They stayed at their tables and worked. I was so very proud of them! We had a few kids out that day, so you won't see everyone in the pictures. Our hands were orange at the end of the lab, but we were able to wash it out.

We are going to roast pumpkin seeds and will eat something made from the small pumpkin. (I made pumpkin puree with it.) We might just be sick of pumpkins soon.