Masco Memo #25

February 20, 2022 (Vacation Edition)

School Mission Statement

The Masconomet High School community believes that learning enables us all to achieve ambitious personal goals, develop fine minds, and build strong character. Therefore, we foster the acquisition of attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary for life-long learners to think critically in order to participate in a global society.

Headlines and Highlights (TL;DR bullets)

  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Health Notifications
  • All-School Speaker
  • Jazz Concert
  • Morning update
  • Tri-Town Council
  • Sights and Sounds of Learning
  • Athletics

Mark Your Calendar

  • March 2, SATs Juniors Only (Registration is required and was completed in January.)
  • March 4, Freshman/Sophomore Semi-Formal
  • March 7, Delayed Opening 10 AM start
  • March 11-12, Grease the Musical
  • March 15, Dr. Chris Willard, All-school Speaker

Health Notifications

Thank you to families who have signed up for the At-home Testing Program. Tests were distributed Thursday, February 17th. When you use your test on Sunday 2/27/2022, please use this link if you test positive for COVID-19 through this program.

It's not too late to opt into the at-home testing program you can still sign-up. If you want to learn more about the program you can follow this link to Dr. Harvey's Superintendent's blog.

As you may have read in Dr. Harvey's Superintendent's blog, we will be mask-optional when we return from break on Monday, February 28th. However, it is important to remember that due to Federal regulations, students must continue to wear masks on the bus as they make their way to and from school.

Dr. Christopher Willard

I am excited to announce that Dr. Christopher Willard will be speaking to our students on Tuesday, March 15th. He will be addressing the role mindfulness can play to alleviate stress and contribute to better overall mental health. The invitation to Dr. Willard was extended following the introduction of a mindfulness space in the library by the student council. The goal is to develop a better sense of what mindfulness is and the role it can play in our wellbeing toolbox.

Jazz Concert

At the Jazz Concert, the Masco Percussion Ensemble performed a piece they had been working on with Adrian Sabogal, a Columbian percussionist, as part of a collaboration project through the Teach To Learn organization. TTL is a non-profit started by Derek Beckvold (Masco 05). If you are interested the short attached youTube video explains the project and shows some clips of our students working with Adrian over zoom.

I was too busy enjoying the show and didn't snap any photos! I am including the program cover below created by Natalie Kalman '22 in the Graphic Design Class.

Big picture

Morning Update

Check out all the news in this episode of The Morning Update and don't forget to read the new edition of The Chieftain Chronicle!

Tri-Town Council

TTC is pleased to collaborate with Northshore Education Consortium in offering "Youth Mental Health First Aid" on Tuesday, March 29th and Wednesday, March 30th from 9 am to 1:30 pm. This 9-hour training qualifies for 8 PDP's through Northshore Education Consortium and is generously funded by the Peter and Elizabeth Tower Foundation. All of us at TTC have participated in this training and speaking from experience, it is excellent. Strongly recommended for teachers, school staff, coaches, youth leaders, faith leaders, parents and grandparents. It will be held in person, at Trinity Church in Topsfield and is limited to 20 participants. Follow this link for more information and to read about other updates from TTC.

Sights and Sounds of Learning

Restriction Digests and More!

Students in Biology were learning about restriction enzymes and gel electrophoresis in Ms. Miller-Charette's Biology class. The field of biotechnology is a great field to think about if you are unsure of what you want to pursue as a career after high school. The career choices are endless!
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Chieftain Newsletter

Don't forget to check out the Athletic Newsletter put out by Mr. Daileanes. The first edition went out on 2/17/2022. Mr. Daileanes will be sending his newsletter out periodically and I will continue to share some information too!

Spring Sports Registration

Our spring sports registration is now open! Visit our athletics web page for a copy of the registration form.

MIAA Sportsmanship Language

This language is taken directly from the MIAA Sportsmanship Manual (p23).

Athletic events are always among the most popular activities for the participants and spectators, and these games provide learning experiences. Integrity, fairness, and respect are the principles of good sportsmanship, and these are lifetime values taught through athletics. With them, the spirit of competition thrives, fueled by honest rivalry, courteous relations, and graceful acceptance of the results.

As a member of our school, your sportsmanship goals should be structured around:

  1. Realizing that athletics are part of the educational experience, and the benefits of involvement go beyond the final score of a game.
  2. Participating in positive cheers that encourage our athletes; and discouraging any cheers that would redirect that focus—including those that taunt and intimidate opponents, their fans, and officials.
  3. Learning and understanding the rules of the game, and respecting the officials who administer them.
  4. Respecting opponents as fellow students and acknowledging their efforts.
  5. Developing a sense of dignity under all circumstances.

You are the spokesperson for your school when you attend an athletic event or any co-curricular event. Your actions are viewed by family and friends, opposing fans, the local community, and the media. Your display of good sportsmanship will demonstrate the most positive things about you and your school, and hopefully, remind us that sports are meant to be fun.