ENHS Staff Notes

September 27, 2015


As you know, I'm working with our Tech Department and with ENCO to come up with a plan to upgrade our projectors. For the past few weeks, department chairs have asked for issues you are experiencing. I have since compiled that information into a single report and we'll use that as a guide as we come up with a plan. I want to stress this plan may take a while, we may have to upgrade in sections over an extended period of time. I'm confident we can get everyone where they need to be...eventually.

In the meantime, several of you have reported issues that can be addressed right now. Those of you who need an adapter, just send the Tech Department an email asking for one and they'll hook you up. Also, if your projector needs a bulb, let Lynn or Cindy know and they can take care of you.

Greetings from the APC!

APC is diving headlong towards October and a week off!

-I will be out on Wednesday and Thursday of this week at Safety Specialist Training in Indy. Be kind to Kathy…

-On the subject of safety, thank you for making our fire/evacuation drill held on Tuesday a successful one. This was a drill that, to our knowledge, had never been held before, and it has proved invaluable in revealing things that we need to address, think about, and implement change. Among these elements are:

  • Off-Site locations. We have changed where our off site evacuation meeting point would be; instead of the Y, it will now be the Middle School. Considering that in the event of an evacuation due to a violent intruder, bomb threat, etc. the Y would also very likely be locked down, and also obviously very close to our building, the middle school makes more sense.

  • Please understand that in the event of an emergency in our building, we would not be standing in orderly lines on the sidewalk waiting to enter one door at the Y. Many students expressed concern over how vulnerable they would be in such a situation; we would not have students in that position in the event of a real emergency.

  • Attendance, while difficult, is absolutely vital should we ever be in that situation. You did a great job with this; thanks again!

-On Monday, October 12th (the first day after fall break) I’ll be presenting to you during collaboration the power point that our corporation’s safety committee has put together that details procedure and protocol in the event of a violent intruder in our schools. There are some pretty heavy elements to the presentation, but it is obviously a very important thing to go over.

-Finally, have a terrific week. You guys continue to amaze and inspire me with what you do for our kids…


Weekly Duty

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**If you have morning cafeteria duty, please remember to ask students to clean up their breakfast trash and not leave it on the tables.

Energy Audit

Bulk of the building was audited 9/15, performing arts and athletics on 9/20

9/15 – 4:45 pm – a/c still functioning. Halls were recording at 68 and 69 degrees. Classrooms were a more reasonable 70 to 72.

Not a bad audit for a building this large.

Five computers found on – 775, 212, 330, 618 and 024.

One monitor on – 775

Three projectors on standby – 212, 513 and 615.

Speakers left on in two rooms – 024 and 513

Two large suspended monitors found on in the media center.

9/20 – 6 pm

On Sunday afternoon there were lights found on in these areas: 863, 707, Girls varsity locker room, Gym upstairs storage room.

Getting better all the time. Thanks for your help with conservation!

Round Table Cafe Menu - Thursday October 1st

Olive Garden

Chicken gnocchi soup


Garlic parmesan knots

For reservations: suwhite@eastnoble.net

Upcoming Events

9/28 Mon - Staff Collaboration: Room 612

9/29 Tue - Light the Night: ENHS 7:00pm

9/30 Wed - AdvancEd Committee Leaders: War Room 3:15pm

10/1 Thu - FREE LUNCH: Pizza - compliments of Kristan Johnson & Greg from Thrivant.

Social Committee Gathering: Winery 4:00pm (Everyone Welcome!)

10/2 Fri - Half Day ENSC PD

Enjoy Fall Break - You've Earned It!

10/3 Sat - SAT