Reggae For A Reason

Help out those in need!

Lend a hand to those in need.

How would it feel to worry about your next meal or to find a place to sleep, to have nothing. Would you feel helpless? Would you feel like all hope is lost? You are truly blessed to have a bed, clothes, a roof over your head and parents that can give things you desire, even having parents at all. This organization helps homeless youth in California and beyond. Don't wait any longer, these kids need your help. Please lend a hand.

Thank you dad, for helping.

My dad taught me to value everything i was given because some people were less fortunate. He taught me that people were all equal. We give a little, take a little and give a little one more time. He helped local homeless near our park, he gave food, money and friendship. He inspired me to to help. Because of his actions, he changed many peoples lives and i am thankful i have him as a dad.

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This is not an official website, there is no actual association to Reggae for a reason. This is a page to inform you about this organization.
Leon Mobley Raffles his Djembe Drum @ Reggae For A Reason February 16, 2014 6:29 PM