Ms. Odom's Classes McKinney High School 2015-16

Week 4/4-8/16

Please check your student's grades frequently and encourage them to make sure they've turned in their assignments on time. I typically leave formative assignments open for 10 days. I normally give several days to work on assignments and they are all posted onto the Content page for the unit we're studying. Once the formatives have been open for so long, I don't reopen and formatives are not eligible for retake. Once I post a summative grade, students have five days to resubmit for a max 80.

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Tutorial & Contact Information:

Tutoring: Tuesday/Thursday 2:35-3:15

Other times by appointment

Students will need a pass to attend any tutorial (available in my classroom)

Email: saodom@mckinneyisd.net

Direct Line: 469-302-5886

Fashion Marketing

We are finishing our unit on design, styling, trends and elements and principles of designs. We're looking more closely at textiles this week and how they impact design and style.

I'm available for tutorials before school any day but Tuesday or after school on any day. Students must obtain a pass to attend any tutorial and those are available in my classroom.

Money Matters

Please remind your student to retake a summative scored below 80. Once the student completes a request for retake letting me know when they plan on attending their tutorial and retake, I'll send tutorial materials and a retake reminder via Gmail.

We've discussed vocabulary, process, and negotiating a car purchase. Now students will complete some real world activities. Because of testing this past week, we had to push our lesson on Drive Free to this week so we'll be researching actual used cars and how to 'Drive Free'!


We're completing our advertising and marketing unit with everything due this week. Each final component counts as a summative and the worksheet counts as a formative. Please encourage your student to turn in all retakes by April 5 and current assignments as listed in Canvas. We'll start on our Operations section this week and learn about accounting forms and records, distribution channels and create a distribution plan for our business.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Tutorial Schedule

T/Th 2:30-3:15

Other times by appointment (Student must have a pass available in my classroom)

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