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Maybe you're already familiar with essential oils or maybe you're new to them - either way, you've made the right choice to take control of your health with the purest, safest, most effective essential oils on earth. You're taking a step toward becoming empowered in your health and I'm already looking forward to hearing about your oil experiences!

Whether you've joined to get your oils at a discount or you're interested in creating an income for your family by sharing these beautiful oils, you are now part of a fantastic team and we're here for you to help with whatever you need.

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You can access your dōTERRA account ("Virtual Office") at www.mydoterra.com, using the following information:

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This is where you can order doTERRA products, enroll your friends who want to get their own wholesale discount, and manage your account.

And here's your FREE website to share with your friends and family who want to know more about these oils:

www.mydoterra.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (your first and last name - no spaces)

If you ever have any questions about your membership or need help with placing orders you can contact Member Services for help (they're great!): 1.800.411.8151

We are excited to have you on our team! Know that we are here for you so don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions anytime. Most of us started our dōTERRA journey excited to have these amazing oils to use with our families. And then we found ourselves sharing them with others who asked, "How can I get those oils too?!"

If this is you, the next best step is to invite your friends to a class at your home and we will come teach for you. It's fun, laid back, and easy. :-)

Meanwhile, open those bottles as soon as they arrive, turn on your diffuser, and savor this Gift of the Earth!
Mark & Kerry

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Kerry Essentials

Dr. Mark and Kerry Dodds

dōTERRA Diamond Wellness Advocates

Introducing doTERRA Empowering You to Be Ready for Anything

Four Key Steps To Help You Dive Into doTERRA

DON'T be overwhelmed by trying to learn everything at once. This is a fun journey so approach it that way, one step at a time. It's as simple as:

1) LIVE with them. Go to the oils as your first stop supplement for health and wellness support.

2) USE a good essential oils reference book. If you don't have one, get one! Having essential oils without a reference book is like having the ingredients to bake a cake but no recipe. I'm happy to tell you what my personal favorite one is - just ask!

3) EDUCATE yourself by utilizing the other great resources that are readily available to us. So take advantage of all the FREE information available online. (see links on purple "buttons" below for a few of them)

4) COMMUNITY! Make sure you join our team's online doTERRA community! Ask to be added to our Facebook Group to ask questions, find out about local classes and learning opportunities, and receive helpful updates. You can also connect with us here (You DO NOT NEED A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO VIEW):

Kerry Essentials

Your FIRST STOP! doTERRA University

This is your FIRST STOP! Start by clicking the "Living" link. Begin with "Essential Oils?". After you've viewed the list, click ""Back Office" at the top right of the home page to learn how to navigate your "Virtual Office" and manage your account.


This is your source for dōTERRA news, information, product promotions, announcements and so much more.

Take your essential oil knowledge to the next level

Become an expert in essential oil science and application through this FREE educational training program.

doTERRA Science Blog

Great resource for current info on research, practical usage tips, and the science of essential oils.


This a great place to order supplies like small bottles for sharing samples, roller ball bottles for making your own blends, carrying cases to take your oils on the go, and so much more!