Updates from the West

News for March 4-8

ISAT Testing

Monday, March 4
7:00 - Olympia Advisory Council

Tuesday, March 5

Wednesday, March 6
8:30 - Administrative Council (Rummel)
12:00 - MEDCO (Rummel)
2:20 - KM Problem Solving (Brand)
2:40 - JB Problem Solving (Joos)

Thursday, March 7
7:00 - SILT

Friday, March 8
End of Grading Period
8:00 - CW Staffing (Litwiller, Render, Bertram, Rummel, Higgins, Nesby)
Lang to cover Litwiller
McMillion to cover Render

Upcoming Dates
March 11-15 - ISAT Make-up Tests/Special Education Testing
March 11 - Board of Education Meeting
March 12 - Faculty Meeting
March 12 - PTO Meeting
March 13 - Grades due in Skyward
March 14 - No Mrs. Nesby - Groups will not meet.
March 15 - IPA Student Recognition Luncheon (5th grade kids)
March 15 - Report Cards Go Live
March 16 - Family Fun Night (4-8 pm)
March 18 - Celebration Day - Game Time for Kids
March 18 - Picture Day

Staying in the Know...

Spring Break - There will be maintenance work conducted in the building over spring break. Please use your break as an opportunity to recharge yourself away from the building, you've earned it!! (District Goal 3, Building Facilities)

Celebration Day - At the last SILT meeting we discussed having a "stress down day" or celebration day following ISAT testing. Our Celebration Day will be Monday, March 18th. We are celebrating our students and their outstanding performance on ISATs. PTO will provide a healthy snack for your class. We're asking that all classes allow the students a game time (1.5 hours). Students can either play games you have in the room or bring games from home. Please keep in mind this is picture day, so you may want to hold off on pjs or other incentives until later in the week. If you have questions, ask a SILT member.

Calling in Sick?

Mr. Dale - ext. 6257 cell: 309-261-1486
Dr. Rummel - ext. 6010 cell: 309-846-2139 home: 309-963-4263