Multiplying and dividing decimals

Kayla,Alex,and Bella

Multiplying decimals

You can multiply decimals.and we will show you how! Here is an example,First you estimate. After you estimate put the decimals together and take away the piriods. then multiply 2x1=2 then do 2x2=4.that is your first step. After that you do 1x1=1 and1x2=2. Then add what yougot which should be 42+21=63. then that is your answer,63

Dividing decimals

Use your long division skills. First take your question and then put it in long division. Take out the decimals. Solve your long division problem. After you solved your long division problem put the decimals points in the same spot it was originally in for your answer.

Alex Oliver, Kayla Smith, Bella Schannette

Multiplying and dividing decimals can be fun!

Have fun when you multiply and divide your decimals!

You can have fun because you can do it how you want to as long as you get it correct. It might be hard, it might be easy. Just check your work and try your best.
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