More Guns, Less Shootings

In recent years there have been many mass shootings on college campuses such as the one at Virginia Tech in 2007 and the shooting at Umpqua Community College in 2015. Due to this increasing amount of danger, students and faculty should be allowed to carry a firearm on campus for protection if they have acquired a Concealed Handgun License.
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Source: ("Violence on College Campuses")
After allowing firearms on campus in 2003, the number of crimes on the Colorado State University campus dropped from "800 in 2002 to 200 in 2008"(Burnett). Sexual offences also dropped from "47 in 2002 to 2 in 2008"(Burnett).
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Source: (Soderstrom)
In states that have right-to-carry laws, violent crime decreases (Hagin). Civilians that lawfully carry firearms increase the public's safety.
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Source: (Wright)
Texas CHL holders are convicted of murder at less than 33% of the rate of the general population ("Concealed Carry"). A citizen that has a CHL is much less likely to commit a crime than someone who does not possess a license to carry. Texans are more likely to be struck by lightning than murdered by a CHL holder ("Campus Carry").
Students and faculty possessing firearms on college campuses would not only allow citizens to protect themselves and their peers, but could also prevent the event of a shooting by discouraging a shooter of taking the risk of running into someone who possesses the power to stop them before they can carry out their evil agenda.
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Support campus carry for students and faculty at universities statewide!!


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