IGTP Newsletter

13th Edition

Your Beloved MCVP 16/17

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At last, I have a successor! That means she will be leading the second half of the year, I will have transition with her throughout May and June before my term ends, I will be gone by 1st of July :( However, it's going to be an interesting journey ahead!

Sales Campaign..

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Congratulation on closing a total of 18 forms within the period of 10/3 - 18/4! The winner is none other than LC UNMC. However, the representative from UNMC is unable to attend the Jakarta Internship fair in Indonesia but it is replaced by the first runner-up which is LC Penang.

Interesting observation throughout the month of April & May, there are a total forms of 53 open. Now, it's time to match all these forms!

Jakarta Internship Fair

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Over the weekend of 22nd to 24th April, Jia Wei(the person on the right) worked together with MCVP oGIP(the person on the left) of AIESEC in Indonesia on the Jakarta Internship Fair.

Jakarta Internship Fair is a joint event held by AIESEC in Indonesia with other local entities to promote internship opportunities to local Indonesians. AIESEC mainly focuses on promoting international internship opportunities and enabling GLOBAL TALENT experience

Contact Jia Wei, the LCVP iGTP of LC Penang to know more about his experience and sharing throughout the short CEEDership! :)



AMayching Project

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AMAYCHing Project - Team Message

Hey guys, 23 days has passed since the launching of AMAYCHING project and we are still stuck with 2 matches out of 83 matches! LC Penang and LC UM still on lead with 1 APPROVE each!

We have less than 21 days before closing of AMAYCHING project & just to let you know that we are very way behind the Global Timeline & this might delay your summer peak realisation if we not speed up in matching.

Do consult your LC Coach or the AMAYCHING team (Bernadine, Yuinlin, Yi Lian & Guan Siew) if you have any problems regarding the matching process!

All the best for the remaining 21 days for 81 matches to go!

Peggy & the bitches

The Future Ahead

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The awesome iGTP MC members have been working on a 3-Year Plan on the development and growth of iGTP in Malaysia. We will be launching the 3-Year blueprint soon.