March 18th 2015

Genius Hour

In 3rd through 5th grade, students had the opportunity to design projects from the ground up based on research on a topic of their choice. Students were presented with students who have changed the world... then they were able to explore and brainstorm how they could change the world based on their passions and interests.

The next step, students researched topics and questions using reliable sources through itslearning. They recorded this research via research logs.

The next week, students were able to begin the building process. They could choose how they wanted to present the information-- totally up to them (with guidance from Ms. Weldy).

Please see the padlet and itslearning pages for details.

4th Grade Weather Analysis

Students were able to study weather patterns and precipitation in different areas based on the water cycle. They were then asked to work collaboratively to create a weather forecast based on a randomly assigned weather map.

Students posted their weather forecast script to a class padlet. The next step was to have students go to the newsroom and record their forecast using the news room equipment.