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A Christmas carol

A Christmas carol

The book a Christmas carol by Charles dickens is an interesting book because of all the characters like Scrooge and Marley and the ghosts of Christmas past present and future. In the beginning of the play you won't like Scrooge because of how he treats people and the way his aditude is. Later in the book ghost start to visit him to make him stop his bad ways for a better future but the way they do it will surprise you. Finally at the end when all the ghost have visited old Scrooge he became a new man he gave money to the poor and helped the people around him but he also had to do a lot of sacrifices. Why I think the play would be better is it gives you the visual image of what's going on and there so you can understand it better. I would recommend this to people who like a good Christmas carol about a man who makes sacrifices and changes for his future.

Sacrifices made

Scrooge made a a sacrifice like changeing his past for a better future

Sacrifice I made is not play any video games the whole day to get my homework done