The Road To Perseverance

Overcoming Adversities By Christen Johnson

Unstoppables: If At First You Don't Succeed...Just Try Again and Again (Problem & Solution)

Maxcy Filer was someone who would not give up easily. He would try as many times as possible, and in this case, he did. He took the bar exam to become a lawyer 47 times.

How Martin Luther King Jr. Was Able To Win the Battle Of Racism. (Cause & Effect)

As a kid, Martin Luther King, along with many others, was faced with racism. But as he got older, he was able to help many people gain hope and helped people of all color stop racism. As a result, he would be known remembered for years and years for what he did for many people, even if he was forced to end it short by a gunshot.

As a kid, Martin had a chance to see signs of racism, growing up in the Great Depression, but also breadlines and social injustice, along with being apart of them. He was born in Atlanta Georgia with his loving parents Micheal and Alberta King. At an early age, Martin was told to stay away from white kids by their parents, and saw signs on places like restaurants and schools that blacks were restricted on these areas or had to go to a different area separated from whites in or to get to their destination. Since he was so young, he wasn't able to understand much, but soon, he would grow up to stop the wrong of how others were treated because of their color of skin, as what he had seen over the years affected him greatly.

Martin went to Morehouse college from 1944-1948, and was told by the president of the college, Benjamin E. Mays, that he should take Christianity as a potential force for social change in the secular world. Though he wasn't sure about it, he decided to accept the gesture and later on continued at Boston's University school of Theology, and completed a doctorate in 1955. During that year, Martin heard later on about the bus issue with Rosa Parks, and how she was arrested for not giving up her seat. they made a group called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), to help her and many others, with Martin as the leader. Because of this, Martin grew more and more known to many people for his speeches and meaningful scripts, telling people to fight for their rights, physically if needed. The more issues that were created the more Martin spoke, later on creating his famous and most rememberable and eloquent "I Have A Dream" Speech in 1963, August 28th. Triumph was made.

Unfortunately, by doing what he was doing, martin was risking his life and staying persistent, and in the end, he was met with a sad fate. As a result, In the year 1968, April 4th, he was assassinated by a white segregationist named James Earl Ray. But to this day, Martin is still helping others deal with racism and much more. By giving them hope and dreams to stop the fighting, and his own conviction to help others stay strong, he made the world more peaceful.

Cain's Arcade: The Patient, Positive, and Creativity of A Young Boy. (Description)

Cain is a kid who loves building. And soon, he is able to make his own arcade out of cardboard, tape, and other objects to add on to his games. He works in his Dad's auto store, filled with his needed materials.

Cain's patience and positive attitude was enough to make his dream come true; to have people come and try out his own arcade. One example is the fact that he took the time to actually build his own "machines" with minimum supplies, taking months to make. He would work on it whenever he was free, and after finishing, trying to get others to try out his arcade.

But unfortunately, no one has come to see his creations. The place he worked was not a very busy street, and few people would be seen. But Cain's conviction makes him continue to wait for someone to come over and at least look at his work. Another reason is that after many days of waiting, Cain gets his first customer named Nirvana. He explains the rules that for $1, Nirvan could get two turns, or for $2 he could get a Fun Pass with 500 turns. Nirvan gives him two dollars and plays. He enjoys the games and tries to help Cain gain more customers by making a website and explaining the situation. And in no time, tons of people know about Cain's arcade, and a plan is made.

Nirvan, along with Cain's Dad, make a plan to have people gather around Cain's arcade while his dad takes him out to hang out. The plan works and as Cain is driven back to his Dad's shop, he is shocked to see so many people. They all cheer for him and start playing, everyone enjoying themselves.

This proves that all Cain had to do was stay persistent and adhere to what he believed in to have something good happen. Cain would have been happy with just one customer, but he was overjoyed when he was met with hundreds.

Nadja On My Way

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