Welcome to Two Mills

By: Jefferey "Maniac" Magee

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Two Mills, a Town Divided by Two

Two Mills, Pennsylvania. The town divided by the East End and the West End. There has always been controversy between these two parts of the town. The West End is for white people, and the East end is for the black people. It is divided by a street called Hector Street, and usually, nobody crosses it. Here are some tips about Two Mills that you may want to know if you are looking to stay here.
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Places to Avoid

Finsterwald's House

The Finsterwald's house is a place you should definitely avoid. People think it is haunted, and you should not even be near the door steps. I remember when I hopped the house's fence, and I stayed there for one minute. Then, I even knocked on the door. I was the only one who had the guts to go to that house. Still, stay away from it. Everybody tells myths about it, and they say you could get the Finsterwallies**(Two Mills, PA., W.End) Violent trembling of the body, especially in the extremities(arms and legs) If you are in the West End, stay away from this place.
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East End

If you are staying in the West End (if you are white), it would not be a great idea if you go to the East End. Even though I went across to the East End, there were some people that don't want you there. They will call you names in the East End, and want you to leave. If I were you, take the safe route and stay in the West End.
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West end

If you are staying in the east End (If you are black) it would be a bad choice to cross Hector Street and stroll on into the West End. My experience in the West End was staying with the McNab family. They are making a fort, and getting weapons if people from the East End come. Bad things could happen if you go to the West End. The McNabs and many other people will revolt.
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McNab's House

The McNab house is a really bad place to stay. I only stayed there because I had no other place to go. Just by walking in, you could see garbage everywhere. There are even roaches, and there is a big hole in the ceiling. Also, if you are a younger kid and wandering around the West End, it is not a safe place to go to. There are people smoking, beer cans everywhere, cursing, and even weapons. This is definitely not a good place to visit.
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Conversation Starters/What to Talk About

What Stunt am I Going to do Next?

People will definitely want to talk about this topic. Whenever I do this crazy dare, people crowd around and watch. This has been happening for a while, and this topic is definitely a big one to talk about.
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Sports/Activities in Two Mills

Little League

There are sports such as Little League that you could play in Two Mills. This is the chance you could play baseball, and even get a chance to try and hit John McNab's fastball. I remember when I went to the little league fields and everybody was trying to hit his fastball. Maybe, if you play, you could hit the fastball. This is located in the West End.
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This is a cool, fun pickup game to play in Two Mills. Preferably on the East End because Hands Down is there, and he is very athletic. We always played together. We were like a dynamic duo playing this game. This is a very fun pickup game that you should play here.
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Where You Could Find Me

Train Tracks- The train tracks is definitely a place where you could spot me. I am always there when I am running. This is probably the most common place you would find me.

Amanda Beale's House- This is another place where you could find me. I am proud to call this my new home, so if you need to talk to me or find me, I will be here as well. Her house is located on 728 Sycamore Street in the East End.

Mars Bar's House- Even though Mars Bar could be a bully to people, we are now friends. I will now be over there at times, and we would be having a sleepover. If you want to find me, I could sometimes be here. This is located in the East End.

Hector Street- Even though I am staying at Amanda Beale's house in the East End, I do tend to cross over into the West End. The only way I could do that is by crossing Hector Street, which is the border between the East and West End. You could definitely find me here.

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Maniac Magee Trailer

How the Video Relates to My Background

This video shows what has gone through my life. My parents died, and I left my aunt and uncle. I met friends, and ran away from my problems. I did not care what other people thought of me. I did not see the difference between the East and West End. I hope you now know new information about Two Mills, and know what and what not to do here.