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This is a golden opportunity for you to take part in hosting a chinese intern,

You will have the chance to live a thrilling experience, not just that but also giving an intern the chance to get exposed to Bahraini culture, and learn how life is in Bahrain. The hosting family will be able to learn about another culture, meet a foreign girl and show her the real Bahrain.

Think about all the stunning things you will get to know about Chinese culture, the astonishing differences and similarities.

You can contribute to give the intern a remarkable experience of her life time, and make her enjoy and dig up the core of the exchange.

Our Intern :

NAME: Lange Zhang Becky

Nationality: Chinese

Major: Finance

Hobbies: She loves writing short stories, speaking in public and learning about other cultures.

This is her first time visiting Bahrain and she is expecting to learn something new.

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