Photography Project for Economics

By: Chessie Turner


I took the photo at my house on March 31st. I used mothers iphone 4s (i'm out of storage on mine )): ). In the picture is my bed, dog, and pictures/art work on my wall. I chose this picture because i don't really own anything of such a personal value. most of the pictures i have would be impossible to get back and they hold important memories. Along with the art work. most of it i did myself but i have a few paintings in my room given as a gift from family i never see. And who doesn't love their bed?! Then there is Dexter, my dog. Honestly i don't like him but he refused to get off my bed. To me this photo is all of the most important things to me in one.

Chinese Families with All Their Stuff In A Single Photo By Huang Qingjun

Here the things in this picture are actual necessities for everyday life where as my picture is things i want, not what i actually need. Yes, i do enjoy my art work and photography but this picture actually shows the things these people need for survival. I picked these pictures because its a HUGE difference in ethnicity value, and is kinda a simple reminder that we have a luxury most others don't.