By Rainia telegemeier

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Rainia & amara don't tend to get to get along much but at the end when their car brake down on the side of the street. their mom leaves Rainia & Amara and her brother & herself to find a tow truck & Rainia's FREAKING OUT! she thinks her moms never coming back.


the two girls learn to bond & they get along better.


the setting is Rainia's family house

and in the car


  • Rainia-loves her Walkman so much, creative
  • amara-irritating, nature lover


in the beginning, Rainia asks for a sister and that's when it all began. When Rainia wants to play something Amara doesn't want to, when amara is coloring she doesn't want to be bothered or else. When they get older they really don't get along with each other.In the middle, they go on a 3 day to a week road trip & they don't get along much there either. Rainia & her family has a family reunion at her favorite cousins the end, her mom,brother, sister,& herself are stuck in the on the side of the road & Raina & Amara take a big responsibility by being in the car until her mom & will gets back.
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