The Benefits Broadcast

December 2015

December Stats...

3,219 Calls... Avg caller wait time: 4 seconds, Avg Specialist "handle" time: 4:52 minutes

532 Faxes received

2,322 Emails to

1,447 HRHD Cases in My Hub/PeopleSoft

271 Job Status Changes in Destiny

1,624 Destiny Enrollment Forms submitted

385 Benefit Termination Letters/Destiny

35 Evidence of Insurability Applications

104 Leave of Absence Premium Due Invoices

221 Missing Information Letters/Destiny

In the News...

  • Should my staff get new ID cards?

Employees with the same coverage they had last year will not receive new ID cards for medical and dental coverage. Employees who have newly elected coverage, or who have changed plans, or who have dropped/added dependents should have already received new ID cards in the mail.

*Note: For employees with Aetna medical coverage, Aetna is not sending ID cards simply because of a change to dependent coverage. They are only sending new ID cards for plan changes (i.e. PPO to HDHP), and, of course, for brand new enrollees.

  • Connect Your Care! Our new FSA/HSA Vendor for 2016:

As you know, CYC is our new vendor for FSA & HSA Administration. Debit cards were mailed out in late December and should have arrived at members mailboxes already. Employees who elected an HSA, but only have a PO Box on file for their address, will not be set up with an HSA account until a residential address is provided to the vendor. AHS and CYC are working through these to ensure employees in this scenario are identified and outreach occurs in January.

Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act mandates that all banks verify certain information about a consumer before an HSA account can be opened. Thus, each employee who enrolls in an HSA must go through a vetting process, referred to as CIP, or the Customer Identification Process. The following information is required for a successful CIP: Legal Name, Residential Address, Date of Birth and Social Security Number. If that information is not accurately reflected in our system, or if a residential address is missing altogether, the HSA will not be opened until it's corrected/updated.

  • Aetna, our new life and disability vendor for 2016:

Just a reminder that Aetna is sending letters in January to all employees with life insurance coverage to notify them of the requirement to update their beneficiary information online. Be on the lookout!

Bizarre Trivia of the Day

Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as an official holiday in 1836. Christmas wasn’t declared an official holiday in the United States until June 26, 1870. Roll Tide!