3K News!


Thank you to our room parents for putting on such an amazing Halloween Party for 3K. The students had a great time playing Bingo, wrapping each other like mummies, decorating cookies, and eating all of the wonderful treats!

11/17: Pajama Day- Read below to find out why!

11/25: Half Day

11/26-11/27: Thanksgiving, No School

Marble Jar Prize!

3K leaders have been working very hard to fill their marble jar. Students can add marbles to the jar for taking care of each other, taking care of themselves, and taking care of our school. Today, students added the last marble to our jar. They have voted for their special prize to be a Pajama Day. On Tuesday, 11/17, students will be able to wear their pajamas to school and to bring a small stuffed animal, if they'd like. I am very proud of their hard work to fill our jar!

Ambassador Dogs

This week, 3K had special visitors from Tatem's Ambassador Dogs. Tatem has partnered with the Tri-State K-9 Crisis Response Team. The team is a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing emotional support, aid and comfort to victims of disaster, catastrophe, violence and loss. The dogs on the team are specially trained and are certified as First Responders. In the event of an emergency the dogs would be called to respond much like more traditional emergency personnel. The dogs are also used to offer support and comfort for life events that affect individual students, and not a whole school. 3K students learned about the lives of the dogs and had an opportunity to get to know the dogs on a more individual level.

Mathematicians Of The Future

3K Mathematicians have graduated in becoming Mathematicians of the Future. This math workshop allows students to be accountable for completing work independently, cooperating with their classmates in small groups, and learning from small group instruction from their teachers. The flexible grouping allows students to be challenged at their own individual levels. The Mathematicians of The Future Workshop also enables students to work on Project Based Learning based on their profession. Each student has taken on a new profession: engineer, accountant, coder, architect, or statistician. Each professional group has developed a mascot for their work and understands the work (and overtime work) that they will be expected to complete daily. 3K Mathematicians are excited to embark on their new profession!

Informational Writing Experts

This week 3K writers also started our new unit in writing! In this new unit, students will write non-fiction informational texts. We discussed what topics students are experts at. In 3K, students are experts at topics like puppies, soccer, field hockey, stratosphere, sky zone, and basketball. After choosing expert topics, students were eager to begin writing. Students have developed table of contents with an organized structure. 3K writers have also taken risks in trying new structures in their stories. For example, some students have added charts to show causes and effects about their topic, others have written Pros and Cons list about their topic. Students are very excited to share their knowledge through informational texts.