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November 20, 2015

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  • Monday, November 23-27- Thanksgiving Holidays
  • Tuesday, December 1- School wide PLC @ 8:00am in the cafe!
  • Tuesday, December 1- 8th Grade Winter Concert @ BHS- 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, December 2- 6th Grade GTES Surveys in LA Classes
  • Thursday, December 3- 90 Minute PLCs
  • Thursday, December 3- FFMS vs. Shiloh at Shiloh HS -Come Support!
  • Friday, December 4- Relay for Life Hat Day
  • Friday, December 4- Schoolwide Pep Rally during extended HR
  • Friday, December 4- 8th Grade GTES Surveys in LA Classes
  • Friday, December 4- Staff Holiday Party at LaCazuela- 5:00- 8:00pm
  • Saturday, December 5- FFMS vs. Moore @ BHS- 9:00am
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  • Basketball season is off to a great start! Congratulations to our girls' team on their big win over McConnell! Thanks to all the coaches (b-ball, cheer leading, etc.) who worked so hard to get our students ready!
  • Advisement continues to be a successful way to make connections. A student wrote a check to Mrs. Douthart today for $1,000,000 for having the best teachers in the world! Talk about building up someone's "emotional bank account!"
  • Several members of the STEAM committee visited Duluth Middle School and sat in on their STEM team planning. Five Forks is on the right path.
  • The PTSA Bake Goods was a HUGE hit with our staff. Don't we have the BEST PTSA in the world!?
  • ...and HEY...if you haven't's FRIDAY before Thanksgiving Break! We've made it! Enjoy your time and enjoy!

Our Principal for a Day, Mark Reiswig, joined us at Five Forks today for a fantastic day of learning!! He was able to visit many of our classrooms, and he couldn't say enough about the clever teaching strategies that he saw that kept our students engaged. Mr. Reiswig also spoke to our students during the morning announcements about how he applies literacy--reading, writing, and discussing-every day in the job that he does! He encouraged our students to plan for the future-to plan for jobs that have not yet been created.

COUNT ME IN AWARD... Pam Underwood

Pam does an amazing job providing extra support for students in math and conducts their progress monitoring probes each week.She is always concerned about her students academically and personally and consults with other staff to make sure we are providing the best support for her them. Pam has also stepped up to also be certified to teach and support student in the area of reading for second semester, which means another group of students are going to receive excellent academic support and personal connections with her. Always a team player and trying to do what is best to support students, Pam has also stepped up to mentor a second student for Girls on Fire, whose mentor is no longer at Five Forks. Thank you, Pam for all you do for our students!
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STEAM Overview

As mentioned in the previous post, the STEAM Committee has developed six objectives to guide our work this year as we seek the Georgia Department of Education’s STEM certification. Last week, we focused on the first three objectives and this week we’ll look at objectives 4-6 in greater detail.

Objective 4: Develop Plans for STEAM cohort model for 2016-2017 – In an effort to earn the STEM certification, our school will be assessed according to fifteen rigorous standards. Several of these standards expect us to develop a STEM cohort of students and program that offers a curriculum that is unique to STEM education. Our cohort model will align with the STEM pathway program that currently exists at Brookwood High School. Our Five Forks STEAM committee has been exploring the parameters of the cohort model by meeting with representatives from others schools and visiting Duluth Middle School, which is in the second year of its STEM cohort model. In the 2016-2017 school year, we anticipate that the STEAM cohort will begin in the 6th grade with one team of students. In 2017-2018, we’ll have two cohorts (one in 6th grade and another in 7th grade). In 2018-2019, we’ll add a third cohort (one in each grade level). Students who are interested in participating in the STEAM cohort in the 6th grade next year will apply in the spring 2016. Special attention will be given to ensuring that this cohort of students is truly representative of the population at Five Forks Middle School. More information will be presented to the faculty in January and to the community in February.

Objective 5: Outfit STEAM Lab with technology – One of the standards by which our STEAM program will be assessed is the technology accessibility of our STEAM lab. It is our priority to outfit the STEAM Lab with technology that will enable teachers to engage students in inquiry-based, collaborative learning. Last summer, Five Forks MS received a $3,000 grant to purchase eight Labdisc Probes which have the capability to measure a variety of different factors (pH, temperature, sound, etc.). In October, all of our science teachers were provided with an orientation to these devices by representatives from the Box Light Company. In addition to the probes, we have set a goal of dedicating a class set of 35 Chromebooks to the STEAM Lab. Through funds secured by the PTSA, we have purchased 15 tablets. Also, we have written a $9,000 grant to purchase an additional 37 Chromebooks. If the grant is fully-funded, we will dedicate 20 of the Chromebooks to the STEAM Lab (bringing the total amount to 35) and then have 17 additional Chromebooks for general use throughout the school. One more exciting bit of news to share is that Five Forks received a monetary gift of $1,001 from an anonymous donor, which will be used for technology for our students!

Objective 6: Develop Community Partnerships – Our final objective for this year is to cultivate partnerships with STEAM community organizations. A team of teacher-leaders is building relationships with community partners, encouraging them to lead hands-on demonstrations, and inviting them to speak with our students about their vocations. The experiences of these STEAM partners will provide our students with a greater context on how STEAM education can be used to solve real-world problems.

As you can tell, the STEAM committee has made great gains in advancing our school forward in the certification process. If you have any questions, then please feel free to reach out to a STEAM committee member.


A great way to review!

Missy Flood has placed links to her Kahoot games right into eClass. She linked the games in a News item, when students click the link it takes them straight to the game to play at home. Not only did the students play, but several reported getting their entire family in on the fun!

Widget Highlight!

Check out the awesome e-mail widget that Meagan Ally made for her eClass page. Teachers learned how to embed the e-mail buttons and links in the "Fun"tionality class they took this week.

Shared Singing Test

Today Chorus students recorded their voices on devices and then shared their best work with Ms. Green using their Google accounts. They also shared to their own accounts, meaning they will have a copy of the singing in their own drive so that they can listen to themselves and improve. Sharing using the Google drive is a fast and easy way for students to be assessed all at once! Great job Ms. Green!


Please remember to turn off all tech in your classroom over the upcoming breaks, such as printers and student work stations in your classroom . It is also a good idea to take your laptop home with your, or make sure that you have it placed in a locked cabinet or desk for extra safety.

Did you know that Mrs. Brown has started a Blog? Check out what is happening in our very own FFMS Media Center!




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