Pearl Harbor Attack

-Alexis Bell-

At around eight o'clock yesterday morning, Japanese bombs took the lives of thousands innocent Americans.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was hit with two waves of attack from the Japanese. 2,403 lives were lost. 1,178 people are still in critical condition and under the medic care of the Navy. This devastation has left ships sunken and airplanes destroyed and many wounded. Bullet holes line the sides of buildings at the place of the bomb hits. All of this leaves an empty, grim look of Pearl City.

The first bomb landed at 7:53 am, aimed for airfields and battleships. The second hit at 8:55 am, it had targeted other ships and shipyard facilities. Three aircrafts that had been the prime targets had escaped damage, the Lexington, Enterprise, and Saratoga. Also base fuel tanks had fortunately been saved. Though more damage could have been done on the harbor, this is still a massive loss and will leave many people in a state of panic as well as angered officials.

Today, the United States and Britain have declared war on Japan. President Roosevelt was quoted saying that December 7th would be "a date which will live in infamy..."

Yesterday's attacks are being considered the biggest surprise attack of history. The bombs and declaration of war are mind-numbing situations to think about. Could this be the beginnings of a second World War? We can only hope that this isn't true and wait to see what may happen over the course of the next few days.