Stem cutting steps

method of propagation

step 1 to stem cutting

First, take your cutting early in the morning when the plant is cool, this will keep it from wilting quickly. Take the cuttings from the tips of the stem where there's new growth.

Step 2

Next, wound the part of the stem that goes into the soil, wounding promotes root development. Stripping the leaves off your herbaceous cuttings may provided sufficient wounding to get them to root. To wound a woodier stem use a sharp knife and lightly scrape the bark off the stem until you see the green tissue just below. Also you should remove any leaves along the bottom 1/3 of the cutting, so they are not buried in the soil as the plants root.

Step 3

Dust your cuttings with rooting hormone and place in potting soil out of direct light. once the cuttings are removed from the mother plant, you're in the rooting race. You have to get them planted quickly to promote new root growth before they start to die.
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Step 4

You need to provide the new plants with moisture to keep them hydrated. Using a spray bottle mist the cuttings twice a day and cover the plants with a clear plastic bag to maintain high-humidity environment.
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Step 5

Lastly, keep an eye on the temperature. Stem cuttings aren't taken during the winter but spring and fall temperatures are perfect. The best soil temperature is 70-80 degrees. Keeping them under shade will keep the soil and temperature from getting too hot, and it keeps the cuttings from drying out too quickly.
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