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The CESA 10 IMC provides a wide variety of instructional and professional development resources to support student and professional learning. Your school district subscribes to this service. Included in this newsletter are a few items available for you to integrate into your classroom.

Instructional Items Available from the CESA 10 IMC

Buildings Resource Kit

MOD 690 BUI -- Item #28568 (Grades: PreK-2)

This resource tub supports the exploration of building and buildings through investigation and project-based learning. It contains materials that reflect concepts about shelter, homes, jobs, and the purposes for different structures. It is a Creative Curriculum Study Starters resource.

Measurement: Independent Math Center

389 MEA -- Item #27752 (Grades: 1-3)
This hands-on center will help students strengthen their measurement skills and increase their interest in math. Up to four students can use standard units to measure a variety of objects, following the directions on 15 write & wipe activity cards.

Native People of Wisconsin

MOD 977.5 LOE -- Item #26063 (Grades: 4)

Introduces the twelve Native American nations that live in Wisconsin, presenting tribal stories that incorporate various ways Native people remember the past and emphasizing the value of oral tradition. Includes chapters on early history, European arrivals, the Menominee Nation, the Ho-Chunk Nation, the Ojibwe Nation, the Potawatomi Nation, the Onedia Nation, the Mohican Nation, Stockbridge-Munsee Band, and the Brothertown Indians.

Human Heart Walk Thru

MMOD 612 HUM -- Item #29978 (Grades: 4-12)

Mats provide a hands-on experience to help students learn the pathway of blood as it flows through the heart. Typically this activity would be incorporated in the study of the human body and specifically during the unit on the circulatory system.

MMOD 611 HUM SCI -- Item #10335

Human heart anatomical model

Note: Other anatomical models (brain, ear, eye, stomach, torso) are available as well.

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