Problems and Solutions

Product I Chose: a Notebook

I have a notebook that was made in Egypt. So why is it in an American student's backpack half way across the world? Read on to figure out this modern phenomenon!

Here is a simple definition of globalization to start you on your journey

Globalization Categories

Globalization can be separated into 4 different categories.

Category 1- Technology: technology helps people from all over the world connect and share there ideas.

Category 2- Economics: buying and trade has increased due to the advancements in technology.

Category 3- Culture: ideas, traditions, religions, and other forms of culture have been shared all over the world.

Category 4- Environment: because of the need for resources, the world needs to come together to discus environmental concerns.

My notebook was made completely in Egypt

Assorted Maps of Egypt

Everything You Need To Know About Egypt With Maps

Most of the stuff is located along the Nile because it is the main source of water in Egypt and it is a fresh water body going to salt water. Also because that is the main source of natural resources are located.

How my book got to me:

  1. first the lumber is grown
  2. then it is chopped down
  3. it is then sent to a paper factory
  4. the paper factor makes it into a notebook
  5. the notebooks are loaded into boxes and put on a ship
  6. the ship brings it to where they are ordered (aka NH)
  7. staples in Manchester bought the shipment of the notebooks
  8. i went to staples in Manchester and bought the book
  9. i then brought the book home and put it in my bag

Problems with Technological Globalization:

Girls do not have the same opportunity as men do in schools such as access to technology and other electronical means. a solution to this problem would be to make an all girls school where they can learn about technology.

Problems with Cultural Globalization:


what we need to do is to have the USA pull out of Egypt, drop our policies, and stop our funding so they can get better themselves.


we need to stop our aid to Egypt so they can start to build up there own economic stability

My relationship with Globalization:

Everything that I own got to me through means of globalization. The computer I am typing on was made in Japan. My shoes were made in China. Even my pants were made in Bangladesh. It seems that whenever I buy something now, it is hard to find something that was made in the good old USA. One common pattern would be that because of globalization, I have a greater access to things that are needed for living. But another common pattern is that it is hard for the middle class to find jobs because most of the things can be outsourced. If I had to choose a relationship status between me and globalization, i would put it as
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Proof Globalization Affects my Life:

I did this project on a laptop made in Japan, if it weren't for globalization, i wouldn't have this laptop.
النشيد الوطني المصري エジプト国歌 Egyptian national anthem