State Facts

New Jersey, Colorado and Montana

New Jersey

Capital: Trenton

Nickname: The garden state

Date of Statehood

State Flower: Viola Sororia

State Bird: American Goldfinch

State Tree: Quercus Rubra

Interesting facts: 40 senators, 36 state parks and more than 800 lakes and ponds.

Tourist attractions: Jersey Shore, Metlife stadium and kingda ka.


Capital: Denver

Nickname: The centennial state

Date of Statehood; August 1,1876

State Flower: Aquilegia Saximontana

State Bird: Lark Bunting

State Tree:Picea Pungens

Interesting facts: Colorado has 222 state wildlife areas, The lodo region of denver stands for lower downtown, and tons of snow


Capital: Helena

Nickname: Big Sky Country

Date of Statehood: November 8,1889

State Flower: Bitterroot

State Bird: Western Meadowlark

State Tree: Pinus Ponderosa

Interesting facts: Montana has the largest elk herd, Miles city is know as the cowboy capital and The density of the state is six people per sq mile.

Tourist Attractions: Big Sky Resort, Moonlight Basin and Bitterroot River.

By: Karleigh Flisowski