CLD Goals

Pinnacle Elementary Charter School - Third Grade

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Goal #1: Project an "Addative" mindset

I will demonstrate my respect for emerging bilingual students by creating learning groups, or lessons that value their skills, knowledge and perspective and help them to acquire English as a second language. I will choose stories and materials that reflect an appreciation of the cultures of my students. I will communicate this "additive mindset" to students by emphasizing that being bilingual is a completely positive position from which to stand. It is their right and is a resource for them as they go forward into their future.

Goal #2: Increase Parent Involvement

1. My second goal is to increase parent involvement in the classroom, in the school overall, and in the daily lives of their own children. Building community is a win-win situation, in both academics and in the social and emotional development of children. Students, staff and parents all benefit from a sense of belonging to a community that appreciates and values them. In addition, schools with high parent participation, have higher scoring students

Goal #3: Provide Early Intervention

My third goal is to be more intentional in providing interventions early in an ELL student’s struggle with English literacy. Distinguishing between a language based learning problem and a true learning disability is a challenge even for seasoned teachers and many diagnosticians. Teachers who wait to intervene often have trouble seeing the difference, and as a result many more ELL students, especially those in the upper elementary grades and higher, are referred for help through the school’s special education department, than is necessary.