President Kennedy

Alex Johnson

Election of Kennedy

The Election

  • 1960
  • he was the youngest president
  • Kennedy was the democratic candidate
  • Nixon was the republican candidate
  • Kennedy didn't win by much

The New Frontier

  • revitalize the economy after the small recession under Eisenhower
  • the Peace Corps would bring American skills to underdeveloped countries
  • stop inflation
  • cut taxes
  • less government spending on projects and more money directly to individuals
  • land a man on the Moon by the end of the decade

The Cold War

  • Flexible Response proposed developing more military options to enable us to react to any situation
  • many people were leaving East Berlin to seek safety in West Berlin, so the Berlin Wall began construction in 1961
  • 1961 Kennedy increased the number of "Military Advisers" in Vietnam to protect Diem
  • after Diem continued steal US military and economic aid, Kennedy launched a coup that killed Diem
  • Alliance for Progress was like the Marshall Plan for Latin America: it tried to decrease the gap in wealth to prevent communism
  • at the Bay of Pigs Kennedy dropped 1200 exiles to invade Cuba, the were forced to surrender because Kennedy refused to offer air support, this pushed Cuba closer to communism
  • the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred between October 22 and 28 1962, American ships quarantined Cuba for a weak as Russian ships carrying missiles approached, Khrushchev came to a compromise after a week and the quarantine was removed

Civil Rights

  • Freedom Riders spread out across the south to end segregation at bus facilities
  • Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. would close allies
  • MLK led the peaceful March on Washington in support of Kennedy;s devotion to finding a solution to racial problems

Kennedy's Assassination

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Lee Harvey Oswald shot him from a nearby building then fled the scene
  • Oswald was later killed by Jack Ruby
  • LBJ, the vice president, was sworn into office
  • Kennedy is remember more for what he idealized and said than for what he actually accomplished