Endeavour School, 10 February 2022

School Newsletter, Term 1, Week 1

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou families, children and our wider community,

Schools are about people, and primarily our children. While as a school we are still young, it is clear over the past 7 years that we have developed a sincere and caring culture that is centred around them and their learning. This of course is a credit to our current team and the many past teachers that have given service to our school. To them I would like to acknowledge and thank.

There is something special about the start of the school year. Our school is saturated with energy, optimism and of course a revitalised sense of purpose. Over the past few days I have thoroughly enjoyed building relationships with our young people that we are lucky to have walk through our gates each day and it is an absolute privilege to be able to pen this as the new Principal of Endeavour School. I would like to thank the Endeavour School Board of Trustees with entrusting me and our team to continue the wonderful work that has been done and continue to lead our school with a lens to the future. A future that is centred around values and learning dispositions that thrive within a changing environment.

Of course, we have started this year with the challenges of Omicron. As a country, we all share this challenge. How we continue to work together through communication, a desire to problem solve and a focus on children will be the measure in which defines the outcomes we wish to see. I would like to thank our families who have and are supporting us with the change in protocols and the frustrations these changes bring. We understand they are not easy. However, what impresses me each day is the way our children have shown resilience and a level of adaptability to make the most of each day. Well done to you all!

Having come from Puketaha School where I was lucky to be Principal for slightly over 8 years, I understand and value the importance of community. It is my wish to ensure that our school remains at the heart of this community and you as parents continue to feel that sense of belonging to our place of learning.

Finally, on behalf of our staff we all look forward to the term and year ahead, a big welcome back to you all!

Warm Regards


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