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Volume #6: Peter H. Reynolds

Mrs. Holt from Bennett ES and Mrs. Woodson from Kilby ES are teaming up to present students with fun and easy Art activities students and their families can do during this time. There will be a theme each week. This week our theme will be Peter H. Reynolds! Please email Mrs. Holt or Mrs. Woodson with pictures of your Artwork and/or questions, emails below. We look forward to seeing all of the amazing Art you create!

Get to Know Peter H. Reynolds!

Books By Peter H. Reynolds:

Peter H. Reynolds has created many books to encourage creativity and being yourself! Below are several read aloud's of 3 of his books: The Dot, Ish, and Sky Color. But he has many more books: The Word Collector, Be You, Happy Dreamer, I Am Peace, Playing from the Heart, Say Something, and The Museum (illustrated by PHR). His book The Dot has inspired International Dot Day, which occurs every year on September 15th!

Art Projects and Videos Inspired by the author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds:

Relax, Draw and CREATE!

Try creating your own artwork inspired by Peter H. Reynolds or use the Steps below to create:

  • Draw with Pencil
  • Trace with Sharpie
  • Erase extra Pencil Lines
  • Add COLOR!

Explore and Create!

Ready Set Draw-ish! Peter H. Reynolds' THE DOT

You Be the Author and Illustrator!

Author vs. Illustrator

Watch, Create and Get Inspired!

Enjoy watching these read aloud stories by Peter H. Reynolds! Peter H. Reynolds has created many books these are just a few. Enjoy hearing the many stories by Peter H. Reynolds!

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds | Read aloud Book for kids
Scholastic's The Dot (Español)
Ish, by Peter H. Reynolds
Scholastic's Ish (Español)
Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds : Read-Along

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The Dot Song Motions Guide - Emily Arrow & Peter H. Reynolds