Most White Americans are Oblivious

By: Stephanie Cumba

What exactly is going on?

Lately there have been many cases in the news involving incidents between caucasian police officers and african american men. For example there was recently a case where a young man named Michael Brown was shot by an officer in a convenient store and was shot because he attempted to reach for the officers gun. In training, the cop is instructed to shoot in the chest and then the face yet this officer gave him the benefit of the doubt cane sent a bullet into his leg. After that first shot Brown supposedly got up and continued to charge at the cop. Only then does the officer send the death blow into Brown.

Then there is a case like Aswan Watson who was also shot and killed but this time by plainclothes (undercover) police officers who found him in a stolen car. As the officers approached him, he attempted to feel around for something in the car so they opened fire but when the car was searched all that was found was an anti-theft device. No weapons in sight.

CNN reads BOMBSHELL report of Officer Wilson's Account of the Michael Brown Shooting

How does this effect me?

These cases are current day proof that racial discrimination is still very alive today. It may not be an every day issue like it was in the mid 1900's but when it comes up it is just as bad, if not worse, especially when police officers are being giving off the impression that they are ready to harm an african american given any opportunity too. The african americans atet exactly sitting back and letting this happen, though. On top of multiple protects and public affairs; there was recently one very large event that took place that is sure to go down in history; the Ferguson rioters attempted to burn down a town in Ferguson, Missouri. All of the men and women still upset about the shooting on Michael came together to burn down multiple homes and businesses in attempt to "get back" at the officers. One man realized later than he had even unintentionally burned down his own home.


Above are multiple links that provide the public even more information on Michael Brown and from there deeper research can be done for all cases similar to Brown's.