Breaking News Cyberbullying

Very Serious Topic Here

Cyber bullying is serious in the earth.

Every day people are being cyber bullied and made fun of all because one person has posted or said something that was so funny about them,that others think it's funny and it's okay but it's not,it is a problem in the world and if we don't stop we will suffer the consensuses and people can bring a gun to school because they had enough of every laughing at then as they walk through the halls or even the street. stop this to or we'll regret it.

Consensuses of cyber bullying.

1.People take their own life because of cyber bullying.

2.people can take others lives because they wanted a laugh.

3.It hurts more than fist or kicks do.

4.People have to suffer every day people laughing and teasing them because of one person.

5.People waste money buying phones and for what for people to make fun of them.