Mobile Apps Just For YOU!

Below are 5 of my fave mobile learning applications


Mobl21 is an application based around instructors being able to create learning material, and get the content out to multiple viewers. Students can shift from browsing social media to instead browsing their notes, increasing the efficiency in which they use their time.

Google Drive

Google Drive, begins as a cloud storage application, but within it is contained many different applications that work through the cloud storage system, such as google docs/power-point which allows multiple users to modify the same content simultaneously. Also by linking all your devices together through just your gmail account you can access everything anywhere on any device you log into.


Is a simple web-based application, which works solely on the purpose of someone asking an audience a question, them gaining access to it through a code in the app, the answers are polled live and view able by everyone. This application allows for everyone to get their opinion voiced without needing to speak up or even be present.

Animation Creator HD Lite for IPAD

Animation Creator allows students to create frame by frame, animations that will accompany stories that they have written themselves. By being able to anumatetheir stories hopefully students will become much more captivated in their work.


Allows you to record your lecture or tutorial, then once you have provided viewers access to your content they can access it as many times as they want simply by replaying it for themselves. This allows students a way to get the content anytime anywhere as much as they require. They can then turn around and ask you questions rather than having to divide their time between paying attention in class and absorbing everything being told to them.