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Windows + P

Did you know?? If your computer is not displaying on your projector, you can hold down the windows & P button to bring up a display menu. From there, choose "duplicate" if you want the projector to mirror what's on your computer. If you're looking to show a different screen from your projector, but still be able to work on your computer, bring up that same menu, but this time choose "extend."
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Book Me for Nearpod Lessons!

Guess what every home room teacher has a Nearpod account that gives you access to every lesson in the libary for FREE! I'd love to come co-teach a Nearpod lesson in your classroom! If you haven't tried Nearpod yet, what are you waiting for?!? Just let me know what standard/topic you want to cover and the date/time you need me.
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My BrainPop

Did you know that BrainPop is SO much more than movies and quizzes? You can create assignments for your students, too! Click the link below to see how. If you're interested in getting your class set up with My BrainPop, let me know!

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